July 21, 2024


Embracing Puzzlers: The Ignored Innovative Minds

In India, education plays a vital role in societal and economic advancement, yet it neglects ‘puzzlers’ – innovative minds divergent from traditional mastery. Entrance exams emphasize rote memorization, ignoring critical thinking. This oversight limits potential Nobel laureates and stifles academic innovation. Reforms must prioritize embracing diverse intellectual approaches to unlock India’s full academic potential and foster meaningful progress across various fields.

A Message to Modern Economics Academia Based on the Hayekian Line

In a Hayekian critique, modern economics academia is urged to reconsider its reliance on mathematical models and econometrics. Hayek’s emphasis on the complexity of economic phenomena and the limitations of predictive techniques challenges traditional approaches. A more humble and interdisciplinary approach is advocated for a deeper understanding of real-world economics.

Balancing Liberty and Responsibility: A Pragmatic Approach for Societal Progress

Balancing liberty with responsibility is key to societal progress. Individual freedom fuels innovation and prosperity, but without accountability, liberty becomes unstable. True liberty protects everyone’s rights, not just majorities. Market mechanisms incentivize responsibility and outperform collective planning. While democracy safeguards political freedom, consumer sovereignty in markets drives economic progress. Let’s unleash human potential through responsible liberty.